Voting for Harlem .

Working together to change Harlem


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Yahel Perez

Lead coder

My name is Yahelperezcadiz I was raised in Puerto Rico i now live in new york harlem and i am 13 in 7th grade and my favorite food is panadillas and my favorite music artist is bad bunny

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Edwin Perez

Lead coder

My name is Edwin Perez Cadiz I was raised in Harlem but I was born in Puerto Rico and I am 13 in 7th grade and my favorite food is the Doritos shelled taco from taco bell and my favorite artist is

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Esther Aguilar

GitHub Editor

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Better our community

Our community needs alot of change if we all work together we can change Harlem.If we make Harlem better we could make Citizens better.

Be the change we wish see

Make the change that we wants to see we all can work together to save our community.

Love for harlem

Resedence of Harlem have so much love for harlem but not all because of harlems problams we need to do something about it .