Space travel today

Virgin galactic

Virgin glatic is a company owned by Richard Branson who plans to make space travel possible for civilians and people that are not astronauts or people that just cant go to space. His company has do some test flights the newest one is vss unit flight whihc was the first full flight of one of virgin galactics ships.They plan to send civilains and people to space very soon maybe sooner than we all think We will seee.(:


Spacex is a company owned by elon musk his comapny is one of the biggest space companys his competitors are blue orgin and virgin galactic. He plans to go to mars first and start a civilization and make the human race a multiplanertrial species. Another thing spacex wants to do is after they go to mars they are going to go to the moon again. first they are ging to send astronauts then civilians to mars and the moon

Blue origin

Blue origin is a company owned by jeff bozoses he is the ceo of amazon and blue origin. His companys plans to bring people to the moon but that hasnt happened yet because because the ceo said he will work more on blue orgin after he retires from amazon but when he does his company is going to send people to Space.