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Hi there welcome to POCKET TUTOR your very own teacher/tutor in your pocket. NOW HOW COOL IS THAT! This is the features page were you can see what this browser can do. The list of things this can do can be found below thanks for using us.

  • Online messaging with ai.
  • Separate Pages for Various Subjects
  • On the fly Suggestions
  • Hints on understanding
  • Tutorial
  • Backgrounds
  • Make friends(peer learning)
  • Tutoring Groups (max: 4)
  • Animated profile pic
  • Upload images that the AI can use to understand what you need
  • Reminders
  • You can write on the screen
  • Audio conversation capability
  • Group chat with personal tutor
  • Learning Games on specifc topics
  • Rewards - Redeemable Codes
  • Log the amount of time each user is in the app and reward the person with the most time