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Young Artist In The Shadows

Young Artist around Harlem haven't had they're chance to come out of the shadows but yet find themselves at peace and find ways to get they're art shown to people. Young Artist have a certain taste in art some like Abstract and others may like Self Portraits and etc...

Ways Art Effect People In Harlem

Art can have many impacts in people but for the people in Harlem it can open eyes for the Art world. Art has ways of making people have different emotions. Certain Art pieces can make a person feel Sad, Happy, Angry, Jealous, Rejection, Lonely and etc...

Artist Personalities

Some Artist prefer to be in areas Loud and some prefer areas Quiet. Some Artist prefer to be in Outdoors and some prefer Indoors. Artist have some unusual ways they can focus in Art but the thing about it is that every Artis is unique in there own way.

Our Outcomes Tell the Story

Here are our stats on the breakdown of our clientele. Our community makes sure that our artists have the highest percentage in their respective industries.

  • Known Artist
  • Unknown Artist
  • Spray Paint Area's
  • Banned Area's

Elijha's Bio

My name is Elijha and I love to sing and code. I work with amazing and great friends who helped me on this project but put effort into this as well.

Madison's Bio

My name is Madison Pimentel and I’m 13 years old. My favorite food is shrimp. My favorite music artist is stray kidz. Also, my favorite cartoon character is eren yager from attack on titan.

Natalie's Bio

My name is Natalie and I live in Spanish Harlem, I'm also from Taino Towers.I don't have a specific food that I like, I'll just eat anything, WELLLL it depends! My favorite music artist is Billie Eilish, there's many meanings she puts into her songs, but very deep meanings. Also, my favorite cartoon character is Raven from Teen Titans, she's somewhat mysterious, but she shows her feelings when necessary.

Our Partners

Our partners consist of two different groups. Code For Life And Praxis. Our partners are reliable

let's work togetherz

Our website isn't still fully developed and yet we still have many ways to promote artists. We think our website can really help the community and give others a chance to contact us to help get there art around places. Our website mainly focuses Art in the specific area "Harlem" but we won't stop the artists who want to travel to other places besides Harlem. The expansion of the Art industries that we will be collaborating with will be great for the industry.

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